Photo by Jaymi Britten

Kevin Mokuahi is a local boy, born and raised in Waikiki. He spent his teens and early adult life split between Oahu and Southern California, where he was introduced to the tattoo industry. He began his career apprenticing under Tom Green in Costa Mesa, California, before eventually moving home to Hawaii to pursue his career as a tattoo artist over 25 years ago.

Kevin has worked alongside some of the industry's most recognized tattooers, as well as himself being featured in various tattoo magazines over throughout the years. He has been blessed to tattoo many famous recording artists/actors such as, *Nsync, The Booya Tribe, Britney Spears, surfing legends Sunny Garcia, Matt Archibalt, "Buttons", and Marcus Latrell, the Navy Seal that inspired the movie Lone Survivor.

Kevin has been professionally tattooing for over 27 years, owned multiple tattoo studios, and is presently working and managing out of Sacred Art Tattoo Waikiki. He is a loving husband, father, and faithful man of God as a Pastoral Intern at New Hope Manoa.