1. How much do Tattoos cost?

There is a $80 shop minimum on all tattoos, but the cost will vary depending on location of the tattoo, how long it takes, how complex the design is, and other factors that go into the amount of work your tattoo requires.

2. What's the price for Piercings?

Depending on difficulty of the piercing all of our standard piercings are $40 and go up from there.

3.  If I am sunburned can I get tattooed?

The artist will have to take a look and see if it too bad to get tattooed. PLEASE SUNSCREEN THE AREA YOUR GETTING WORKED ON PRIOR TO TATTOO APPOINTMENT!

4.  Do you need an appointment?

No, we gladly accept walk-in appointments, but it will depend on availability.  If you are leaving Hawaii soon, we recommend coming in and making an appointment to secure a spot.  We also strongly suggest you schedule your appointment the day before you leave because you will to need stay out of the sun and water during the healing process.

5. What is the aftercare process?

Leave the bandage on until you get home or back to your hotel. Wash thoroughly in as warm of  water as you can comfortably stand with antibacterial soap, one with no dyes or perfumes such as dial.  If your tattoo feels slimy, that’s normal – it’s just plasma.  Wash until the slimy feeling is gone. Pat, do not rub, with a clean, dry towel. Do not use Neosporin or A&D. Wait 24 to 48 hours before putting any aftercare product on your tattoo. If you prefer, Wash your new tattoo 2-3 times a day and after clean put a thin layer of perfume and dye-free lotion (such as Lubriderm or Aquaphor). Don't let the direct pressure from the shower hit your tattoo. Avoid hot tubs and swimming until the tattoo is completely healed (about 2-3 weeks). As your new tattoo heals, you may notice peeling or some minor scabbing.  If this happens – don’t pick or scratch! Sun is the number one factor in the deterioration of a tattoo over time.  Use 30SPF year-round on your tattoo.

6. Does the shop sanitize the equipment?

Yes, we take cleanliness very seriously.  All our equipment is hospital-grade sterile and our artist are licensed by the state of Hawaii. The shop undergoes a yearly state inspection and always passes with an A+ grade.

7. How old do you have to be?

18 years of age unless you have parental consent. Both must have photo identification.

8. What should I expect on the day of my appointment?

On the day of your appointment, bring a photo ID, wear comfortable clothes that are accessible to the area you're getting tattooed, and eat a solid meal before coming in. Please make your artist aware of any medical condition you might have so your tattoo experience remains safe. Please call the shop (808) 955-0323 if you are going to be late or need to reschedule. Welcome To The Family!